South River and Woodbridge Strategic Recovery Planning Reports – Prepared reports through the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs as part the Post-Sandy Planning Assistance Grant Program. The reports summarize vulnerabilities and identify strategies for rebuilding these...

Perth Amboy NJDEP Bulkhead Repair and Beach Renourishment – Perth Amboy replenished a half-mile of beach sand, built a perimeter wall adjacent to a roadway, and constructed a new bulkhead. Read the report here.

Perth Amboy Waterfront Development and Advisory Committee – Created by the Mayor of Perth Amboy to study and prioritize projects to stabilize, replace, enhance, and restore facilities and infrastructure damaged by Sandy. Projects focused on waterfront repairs and...


What actions do we commit to? What is needed to accomplish these actions? How can each person in our region do something to help?


What policies, programs, or projects can be implemented to address risks and achieve the identified visions? How will the solutions impact our region?