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The Raritan River and Bay Communities are located in Middlesex County, at the mouth of the Raritan River. These communities include Carteret, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Sayreville, South River, and Woodbridge, with a combined population of over 300,000. The region has large areas of residential development, as well as active industrial corridors, greenways, and mid-sized parks.

The Raritan River and Bay Communities have been experiencing flooding for decades, but recent major floods and chronic flooding issues have sparked more interest in working to increase resilience. In 2012, the municipalities in the region experienced severe flooding during and after Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane caused power outages, damaged businesses and homes, and forced the evacuation of thousands of people. Since then, the region has experienced flooding from other storms, including Nor’easters and Hurricanes Irene and Isaias. Many neighborhoods in the region also experience flooding due to heavy rainfall events when the stormwater system is overwhelmed.

There have been numerous resilience-related planning efforts in the region since Hurricane Sandy, including the Blue Acres program. However, many residents are still at risk. The Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities program will develop solutions to increase resilience and help protect the residents of each municipality. Those solutions may include zoning changes, physical projects, education initiatives, and more.

Learn more by downloading the About Our Region report. This report is draft and open for comment. You can provide comments on the report using the link below. The report will be part of a series of documents that will be published through the life of the project that will be updated over time and combined into the final action plan.


What Places Matter to You?

Tell us something you love in your region, something you want to add, or something you want to change using the map below.

Get Involved

If you live or work in Carteret, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Sayreville, South River, or Woodbridge, you are the most important stakeholder. Most likely, you have already been impacted by flooding in some way and the long-term effects of Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities will affect your community. Your input is vitally important to support development of an effective roadmap for flood reduction that will also improve the daily quality of life in your region.



You can easily get project updates by signing up via the form below, or simply leave a voicemail with your comments on our project hotline at 732-661-3808. Staffing constraints do not allow for callbacks, but all comments will be reviewed and considered. Look forward to hearing from you!

Tell us what is important to you!

Take this survey so you can tell us about the places you value most in your neighborhood or areas where you have seen flooding.

Download the Irys app on your mobile phone to report current or past flooding, share your input directly to the project team, and get regular project updates. You can also plot your thoughts on our map!

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The Region Team

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The work of the Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities project is overseen by a Regional Team comprising the Middlesex County Office of Planning, and the municipalities of Carteret, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Sayreville, South River, and Woodbridge. Below are the members for each Region Team entity:

  • Middlesex County Office of Planning – Doug Greenfeld
  • Carteret – Daniel Beasley, Patrick J. DeBlasio, John Dupont
  • Old Bridge – Veena Sawant, Damian Gil
  • Perth Amboy – Jeffrey Rauch, Tashi Vazquez, Larry Cattano, Jamie Rios
  • South Amboy – Glenn Skarzynski, Mark Rasimowicz
  • Sayreville – Kirk Miick, Dan Frankel, John Zebrowski
  • South River – Art Londensky
  • Woodbridge – Mike Gelin, Marta Darden, Tom Flynn, Megan Kushpa

Working together, we can help make a more resilient Raritan River and Bay Communities.