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Raritan River and Bay Communities


This draft Action Plan represents two years of work developing an implementable regional resilience and adaptation action plan that provides a roadmap for addressing current and future flooding for the Raritan River and Bay Region. Please review and provide comments by October 19th!

Program Overview

Northeastern NJ Region Map

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The Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities program aims to develop a roadmap to address flooding in the municipalities of Carteret, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Sayreville, South River, and Woodbridge. This joint effort between the municipalities, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), and Middlesex County provides an opportunity for the area to become more resilient and improve the quality of life for its more than 300,000 residents.

The Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities lie at the confluence of the Raritan River and the Arthur Kill. The diverse residents of the region have experienced flooding in the past caused by heavy precipitation or coastal storms. Learn more about the region and its flood risk by exploring the About the Region and Risk sections of this website.

We invite you to visit this website often to learn about how you can participate in the Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities project and track its progress and successes.

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What is Resilient New Jersey?

Resilient New Jersey, administered through the NJDEP Bureau of Climate Resilience Planning, brings together planners, engineers, designers, and other experts to address flood-related hazards at a regional scale. In addition to the Raritan River and Bay Communities program, communities are partnering with NJDEP to lead similar projects in these other areas:

  • Northeastern New Jersey (Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken, and Bayonne)
  • Long Beach Island (Long Beach, Beach Haven, Barnegat Light, Ship Bottom, Harvey Cedars, and Surf City)
  • Atlantic County Coastal Region (Ventnor, Atlantic City, Longport, Margate, Northfield, Pleasantville, and Brigantine)

For more information on these other projects, visit resilient.nj.gov


This mission statement may evolve throughout the project as we receive more input from you and other people that could benefit or be affected by its outcomes.

The mission of the Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities program is to create a watershed-based plan with a clear vision and roadmap for reducing flood risk, increasing resilience, and achieving environmental restoration to help the multi-municipal region survive and thrive. Plan development will employ the best available data and inclusive engagement to create social, environmental, and economic benefits and bring value to all who will share in the region’s future.

Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities Roadmap

Scroll to the left to view links to prior resiliency efforts in the Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities, which helped create the foundation for the current initiative, and a look at the program’s timeline.

    • Perth Amboy Waterfront Development and Advisory Committee – Created by the Mayor of Perth Amboy to study and prioritize projects to stabilize, replace, enhance, and restore facilities and infrastructure damaged by Sandy. Projects focused on waterfront repairs and restoration​.
    • Regional NJDEP Blue Acres – New Jersey launched the Blue Acres program, within the Green Acres program, to buyout flood-prone properties at pre-Sandy appraisal values. Woodbridge, South River, Sayreville, and Old Bridge participate in the program. Find more information here.
    • Perth Amboy NJDEP Bulkhead Repair and Beach Renourishment – Perth Amboy replenished a half-mile of beach sand, built a perimeter wall adjacent to a roadway, and constructed a new bulkhead. Read the report here.
    • South River and Woodbridge Strategic Recovery Planning Reports – Prepared reports through the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs as part the Post-Sandy Planning Assistance Grant Program. The reports summarize vulnerabilities and identify strategies for rebuilding these communities in more resilient ways. Read the reports here and here.
    • Strategies for Flood Risk Reduction for Vulnerable Populations along Arthur Kill (Carteret and Woodbridge) – Report by Rutgers University that assessed the flood vulnerability of communities along the Arthur Kill waterway to advance the development of mitigation measures to address vulnerabilities. Read the report here.
    • Perth Amboy “Getting to Resilience” Recommendations Report – Building on a questionnaire developed by NJDEP, the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve Effort worked with the Perth Amboy to develop a set of recommendations for reducing vulnerability and increase preparedness by linking planning, mitigation, and adaptation. Read the report here.
    • Middlesex County Hazard Mitigation Plan – This update included re-evaluation of the hazards, identification of recent storms, and updated risk assessment, mitigation goals, strategies, and mitigation priorities. Read the plan here.
    • Woodbridge Sustainable Community Plan and Climate Action Plan – This plan by the Township provides long-term goals for greenhouse gas emissions reductions and detailed descriptions of actions for achieving those goals. Read the plan here.
    • Old Bridge Coastal Vulnerability Assessment and Getting to Resilience – This report was prepared by Rutgers University for the Township to assess community vulnerability to sea level rise projected for the year 2050 along with a Category One coastal storm surge. Read more here.
    • South Amboy Master Plan – This master plan by the City of South Amboy includes a Sustainability Element that provides recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, green building and design, land use and mobility, and water. Read the plan here.
    • Perth Amboy Raritan River Bridge Replacement – Replacement of existing swing bridge which carries NJ Transit’s NJCL trains over Raritan River. The existing 1908 bridge was damaged during Sandy. Read more here.
    • Regional Restoration of the Edison Pump Station – Perimeter floodwall around Edison Pump Station, located in Woodbridge, at 23 ft elevation to protect from 500-year flood event. The pump station pumps sanitary sewage from Carteret, Perth Amboy, Edison, and Woodbridge to the Central Treatment Plant in Sayreville. Funding was from FEMA Public Assistance Program. Read a summary of the plan here.
    • Woodbridge Floodplain Management Plan – This plan was developed by the township of Woodbridge to help increase flood risk outreach education, floodplain restoration, and sound record- keeping. Read the plan here.
    • Woodbridge Roots for Rivers – The Township of Woodbridge was awarded a grant for stream bank stabilization, native plantings, and flood management along Camel Creek, with the goal of increasing ecosystem services provided by the open space corridor within the project area. Access the plan here.

    What do we want our region to look like in 2070? What should stay the same and what should change? What do we want our relationship with water to look like?


    What neighborhoods and infrastructure in our region are most at risk of flooding today and in the future (2070)? What tools do we have to address these risks?


    What policies, programs, or projects can be implemented to address risks and achieve the identified visions? How will the solutions impact our region?


    What actions do we commit to? What is needed to accomplish these actions? How can each person in our region do something to help?


Share your vision of Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities and provide feedback on important findings.


What changes in your community do you want to see for yourself and for future generations?


What is risk? What risks is your community facing?


How do we address these risks?

Get Involved

If you live or work in Carteret, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Sayreville, South River, or Woodbridge, you are the most important stakeholder. Most likely, you have already been impacted by flooding in some way and the long-term effects of Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities will affect your community. Your input is vitally important to support development of an effective roadmap for flood reduction that will also improve the daily quality of life in your region.



You can easily get project updates by signing up via the form below, or simply leave a voicemail with your comments on our project hotline at 732-661-3808. Staffing constraints do not allow for callbacks, but all comments will be reviewed and considered. Look forward to hearing from you!

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About Our Region Report

 We recently published the draft About Our Region report! Read the report and provide feedback using the links below. Feedback will be incorporated into later phases of the project.

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