Get involved in developing a regional action plan to reduce flood risks!

This Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities Community Workshop will be held on March 17th, 2022 from 6:30-8:00 PM at the Old Bridge YMCA. We hope to see you there! Join to share your perspectives on priorities for flood risk reduction and how strategies can improve quality of life.

Live translation will be provided in Spanish. Please email or call us (ResilientRRBC@dep.nj.gov or 732-661-3808) if you have any questions.


We encourage you to RSVP for the meeting to help us plan, to select your breakout session, and to receive email reminders when it is time to join.

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Introductions – Facilitator to introduce themselves and the notetaker, ask attendees to introduce themselves and what neighborhood they live in or the organization that they represent

Exercise 1: Visioning (15 mins) – Facilitator uses the focus area poster to walk through the flood exposure and pathways, land uses, and vision comments received so far. Discussion questions for the group:

  • What makes this area valuable or special to you?
  • What would you like to see improved (beyond flooding to be addressed)

Exercise 2: Critical Assets (15 mins) – Facilitator explains that we’ve identified critical assets in the focus area—these are places that are critical to the functioning and safety of the community, including things like hospitals, airports, train stations, power stations, and parks. Identify major ones identified on the board.

  • Is there anything missing? Which assets here are most important to you and why?

Exercise 3: Toolkit Exercise (15 mins.) – Facilitator explains that we’ve developed a toolkit of potential risk reduction strategies and identified key strategies that are applicable to this focus area, and we want to get your input on the potential tradeoffs of different approaches and understand which strategies we should pursue further. Recap the hazards the area experiences and explain the potential solutions/tools that could be applied.

    • What strategies are most aligned with your vision for this area?


    Email ResilientRRBC@dep.nj.gov or call our meeting hotline at