Flood Impact


We’re excited to announce the release of our draft Flood Impact Assessment, which summarizes what will likely happen if nothing is done to protect the region from current and future flooding. These results presented have informed the development of the action plan development by helping to determine where and when actions should be taken to reduce flood risk. We encourage you to check out the report below and share any thoughts you have with our feedback form here. Your feedback will help guide our process and will be incorporated into future project deliverables.

Flood Impact Assessment


The RBBC region faces risks from both future coastal storm surge flooding and future areal flooding from heavy sustained rainfall. Many areas of the region face risks from both types of flooding. Flooding has the potential impact many critical and community facilities that the region depends upon. These impacts are felt most acutely by socially vulnerable populations, such as low-income residents, the elderly or disabled, or community of color.

Note: The map was developed using NJDEP’s Resilient New Jersey flood models. NJDEP developed flood models that will help the region predict and prevent flood damage. When the model results are mapped, they can depict depths of flooding throughout the region, making them useful in highlighting potentially flood-prone areas, comparing possible flood mitigation options, and prioritizing action. Flood models developed for RNJ estimate both present and future flood risk; the future models consider climate change by incorporating increases in rainfall and sea level.

The maps are valuable policy setting tools, but provide only a coarse estimation of risk. THE NJDEP data was used rather than FEMA flood maps, as FEMA maps do not take into account climate change.

Various layers on the map will appear as you zoom in and out.

Get Involved

If you live or work in Carteret, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, South Amboy, Sayreville, South River, or Woodbridge, you are the most important stakeholder. Most likely, you have already been impacted by flooding in some way and the long-term effects of Resilient NJ Raritan River and Bay Communities will affect your community. Your input is vitally important to support development of an effective roadmap for flood reduction that will also improve the daily quality of life in your region.



You can easily get project updates by signing up via the form below, or simply leave a voicemail with your comments on our project hotline at 732-661-3808. Staffing constraints do not allow for callbacks, but all comments will be reviewed and considered. Look forward to hearing from you!

Tell us what is important to you!

Take this survey so you can tell us about the places you value most in your neighborhood or areas where you have seen flooding.

Download the Irys app on your mobile phone to report current or past flooding, share your input directly to the project team, and get regular project updates. You can also plot your thoughts on our map!

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